Terms & Conditions


Clean Wit® soap is made in small batches using the traditional cold-process method - using all natural ingredients, essential oils, dried herbs and dried flowers. If you have any skin allergies or conditions please take a moment to read the ingredient/description found within each bar prior to purchasing. Also, due to the handmade nature of the soap, each bar may vary slightly from those pictured - consequently each bar is one of a kind!

Shelf Life:

Since the bars are handmade with natural ingredients and zero preservatives, they do unfortunately have a limited shelf life. Aromas of certain essential oils and colors will diminish over time. Store soaps in a cool dry place and avoid excessive heat or exposure to direct sunlight. I recommend that you use the soap within one year of date of purchase.

Common Sense:

Although Clean Wit® handmade soap bars look and smell divine, they are not edible. So please do not consume. Avoid eye contact. And as with any skin care product, if irritation develops, discontinue use.

Privacy Policy:

Any information collected will be used solely for the purpose of order processing. I will never sell or disclose any of your information to a third party. Never. I promise.

Customer Service:

Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I would love to hear from you. Email is the fastest way to reach Clean Wit®: cleanwit.industries@gmail.com  

Lather. Rinse. Enjoy, 

Megan Kahl - Soapmaker/Founder of Clean Wit Industries®